Emriver Em4 geomodel

The Em4 river model is capable of a wide array of simulations, including floodplain, coastal, and groundwater processes. The Em4 is ideal for universities and research institutions.

• Working area dimensions are 3.7m by 1.2m.

• Comes with our color-coded-by-size modeling media.

• Articulation: +/- 4.7 degrees (8%) on two axes, center pivot with minimal box movement.

• All movement, including standpipe elevation, designed to allow manual or machine control via stepper motors.

• Options include groundwater feed and extraction system, flow metering, two-color dye injection system, and sediment feeding system.

Em4 models are custom-built to order. Request a quote or more information.

Em4 photo web

An Em4 at a university in Canada.