Emriver Em2 stream table

The Em2 stream table simulates river processes with remarkable accuracy. It demonstrates basic principles of river behavior, subtle channel morphology, and sediment transport processes and is in wide use by river scientists, educational professionals and researchers.

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teaching river processes using the Emriver Em2 stream table

Em2 stream table demonstration at Kickapoo Creek, Central Illinois

The Em2 stream table is optimized for cost, ease of setup and use, and portability.

•  Working area dimensions are 1.9m by 0.8m.

•  Uses 25 gallons (94.6 liters) of water.

•  Portable for field use and outreach events.

•  Can be powered with a deep-cycle 12-volt battery for several hours.

•  Durable; built to travel, designed for daily hands-on use.

•  Lost or damaged parts are easily repaired or replaced.

•  Can be stored in about one square meter of floor space.

•  Modeling media is specifically manufactured thermoset plastic, with a range of sizes and colors for optimal visualization of sediment transport processes.

•  A comprehensive lab manual, teaching guide and educational DVD are included with every model, detailing measurement and demonstration methods.

•  See the Em2 specifications.