We offer accessory kits to help you achieve your education, outreach and research goals:

Academic Kit
Research and experiment using tools for measurement. Includes Emriver
Crossbeam Level Rod for surveying topography in the model, including
long profiles and channel cross sections. Also includes various tools for
measurement and sediment handling. 
DVD and Teaching Guide
River Geomorphology DVD
Produced with 319 grant funding, this educational DVD includes
demonstrations of fluvial processes in the Emriver model and in the field.
Also included with a DVD purchase is a detailed teaching guide. A DVD
is also included with every Emriver model purchase. Purchase the DVD.
Download the teaching guide.
Structures Kit


Explore the relationship between human-made structures and rivers.
Includes various model culverts and model houses.
Battery Adapter
Emriver Battery Adapter Em2 power Em2, Em3 with 12 volt battery
Use the Em2 and Em3 models anywhere, without electricity. Includes a
battery adapter that allows the Em2 or Em3 models to be powered by a
12-volt battery.