Em2 Specifications

The following are included with the purchase of an Emriver Em2 geomodel:

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Component Description
Box Emriver Em2 aluminum box two meters long Engineered reinforced 0.08″ sheet aluminum box, 33 x 77 x 5 inches (0.83 x 1.96 x 0.13 m), 38 pounds (17.5 kg), TIG welded, PVC standpipe and drain fixture
Supports Emriver Em2 aluminum folding box supports Two folding aluminum supports, about 14 pounds (6.3 kg) each
Reservoir Emriver Em2 Reservoir 25 gallons with handles 27 gal. (102 L) polypropylene reservoir, graduated, with supports for sediment filter and pump
Pump Emriver Em2 Pump 500 gallons per hour filter connected Sealed 500 gph (1,892 lph) 12-volt, 2 amp submersible pump, with intake filter
Energy Dissipater Unit Emriver Em2 Energy Dissipater Unit in use at upstream end of river model Energy Dissipater Unit (EDU) made of plastic; flow outlet connected to tubing
Power Supply Emriver Em2 power supply connected to support horse 12-volt power supply with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, input standard 115-volt, 60Hz. Export models shipped with appropriate CE-approved power supply and connectors.
Modeling Media Emriver Em2 Plastic Modeling Media variety of colors range of sizes 2 mm to .7 mm 150 pounds (68 kg) ground thermoset plastic sand, specially manufactured with proprietary mix of size and color or color-coded-by-size modeling media
Crayfish Electronic Flow Controller Emriver Crayfish Electronic Flow Controller attached to downstream end of box One-knob electronic pump controller or Alix Digital Flow Controller
Measurement Tools Emriver Em2 Measuring Tape for long profile stream survey demonstration Measuring tape for long profile surveys
Modeling Accessories  Emriver_dye_small_9898Plastic-riprap-small-9915round acrylic model culvertModel Riprap Stones limestone Simulated Riparian Vegetation for the Emriver Em2 Concentrated blue and green dye with injection bottles for flow visualization

Brightly colored plastic riprap




Acrylic shapes for bridges, culverts, piers and other flow obstructions




Quartz riprap stones



Simulated riparian vegetation

Sediment Handling Plastic triangular scraper for moving and shaping Emriver modeling mediaPlastic scoops for handling Emriver plastic modeling media Two scrapers for moving and shaping media. Two large scoops: one perforated and one non-perforated
Support Comprehensive use and maintenance manual and Laboratory manual, a guide to teaching and demonstrating with the Em2; full parts and supplies; support; and River geomorphology DVD