Em2 Retrofit

We updated the Emriver Em2 geomodel in October 2010 to make it even lighter, more portable, and easier to set up and use.

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The updated Emriver Em2 geomodel is pictured at right

The updated Em2 geomodel is seen at right.

An electronic controller, powered by a smaller power supply, replaces the valve system to control flow. The new power supply and flow controller are more compact and use much less electrical current. The new system can still be powered by a 12V battery, and for longer periods of time. Setup and breakdown of the new electronic flow control system is much faster and simpler.

The updated Energy Dissipater system uses smaller parts, again for ease of setup, travel, and storage. The new system does not come standard with flow measurement, but the old Energy Dissipater Unit and Notch Gage can still be used with the other updated components for research and detailed demonstrations that require precise measurements.

A retrofit kit includes:
• 500 gph (1,892 lph) 12-volt 2 amp submersible pump, with intake filter
• 3/4-inch diameter tubing
• Energy Dissipater Unit and flow outlet
• Electronic flow controller
• 12-volt power supply with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, input standard 115-volt 60 hZ
• Emriver battery adapter, compatible with deep-cycle 12V battery

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Download Setup and Use Instructions for the Em2 Retrofit Kit.

the larger energy dissipater and notch gage are shown compared to the new, smaller energy dissipater and flow outlet

The older Energy Dissipater and Notch Gage (left) and the newer Energy Dissipater and flow outlet (right).

The larger valve assembly is shown compared to the new, smaller electronic flow controller

The older valve assembly (left) is replaced by the newer electronic flow controller (right).