Emriver Em3 stream table

The Em3 stream table is a hands-on tool for research and education. It simulates river and other geologic processes with remarkable accuracy.  The Em3 is big enough for research but is still portable, and does not require dedicated lab space.

The Em3 can be customized to include color-coded-by-size modeling media and a single- or dual-axis box tilt.

The Em3 is ideal for universities, research institutions, and museums.

• Working area dimensions are 3m by 1 m.

• Uses 40 gallons (151 liters) of water.

• Base Em3 system is portable; use it in the lab, in the classroom, in an exhibit hall, or at community events.

• Can be field-powered by a deep-cycle 12-volt battery.

• Durable; designed for daily hands-on use.

• Upgrade to color-coded-by-size modeling media for research in sedimentology, geology, fluvial geomorphology, and more.

• Upgrade to single- or dual-axis tilt base to simulate river processes on a greater variety of landscapes and to demonstrate the effects of groundwater flow on land formations and sediment behavior.

• Other research upgrades available.

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students interact with the Emriver Em3 stream table

SIU students studying a watershed management experiment in an Em3 stream table in the Little River Research & Design lab.


Download the base model specifications sheet.

Download the specifications sheet for the Em3 with dual-axis tilt base and color-coded-by-size modeling media.