We are always updating the Emriver models to ensure they continue to demonstrate fluvial processes with utmost accuracy.  This page contains the most complete and up-to-date information regarding use and care of Emriver models.  We welcome your questions via email or telephone at +1 618-529-7423 or  You may also visit our blog for regular updates.

Use only this page as a reference for technical questions.  Don’t hesitate to email or call us. We are always happy to help.

How to care for your Emriver model and keep it sanitary (Please read the manuals for additional information.)

  • Never use lithic materials (sand, etc.) in the Emriver tables or the Emflume1.
  • Storing wet media: The plastic media can be stored wet indefinitely with proper care.  It is biologically inert; whatever is making bad smells is other stuff in the water around it.  If you add a little chlorine to the model and let it mix with the media, it should take care of any growth and bad smells.
  • Use care when cleaning the Emriver tables with chlorine bleach. Use only a small amount as specified in the manual (6 mL for the Em2; 12 mL for the Em3; 21 mL for the Em4) and be sure that the model is circulating water to keep the bleach moving through the system. Adding too much bleach or chlorine can damage the aluminum parts.
  • Never use solvents to clean plastic parts. Use only mild detergents.
  • Never use alcohol-based cleaners or Windex to clean the Emflume1. Use only mild detergents. Alcohol-based cleaners will cause the acrylic walls to crack.


  • If the pump is reluctant to prime when started, reorient or shake it a bit (while underwater) to remove air trapped in its intake.  If necessary, clean any debris from the filter by unscrewing it from the pump and flushing it with water.
  • If you are having problems with either the pump or the flow controller, connect the pump directly to the power supply (bypassing the controller) and see if it works. This will help to narrow down the possible problem.
  • Power down the pump and controller after each use by disconnecting the pump from the controller, and disconnecting the controller from the power supply.
  • Be sure the AC power cord is fully inserted into the brick power supply and that the green LED is lit.

Warranty Information and Replacement Parts

Little River will replace parts with manufacturer defects within one year of purchase, with the exception of the Shurflo Sentry pumps (started shipping in 2016) which have a 3-year warranty. After the warranty period, replacement parts may be purchased from Little River or directly from a supplier.

To report defects, please call (618-529-7423) or email ( Include a description of the problem, and a photo if appropriate.
To order replacement parts, please call (618-529-7423) or email ( Include a list of the parts you need and we will provide a quote or direct you to a supplier.

Emriver Manuals and Instructions

  • Emriver Lab Manuals
    • Detailed technical information on use of the Emriver Em2 and Em3 models for demonstrations, teaching, and experiments.
    • Emriver Lab Manual for models shipped before October 2010

Emriver sole source statement

Emflume1 sole source statement

Assembly of older Emriver equipment (for models shipped before October 2010)

  • Head scale inserts
    • Use these files to print paper inserts for your head scale (scale in millimeters).
  • This AutoCAD .dwg (drawing) file can be modified to produce a scale calibrated in ml/sec.  The AutoCAD file must be modified based on the particular calibration data for your headscale-notch gage pair.