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Residences near Fishpot Creek in St Louis, Missouri

Cara Bergscheider at Fishpot Creek, St. Louis County, Missouri

Applying our experience in fluvial geomorphology and biotechnical engineering, Little River Research & Design produces award-winning assessments and designs that have restored environmental values and saved municipalities hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Most recently, we helped municipalities solve urban stormwater problems using environmentally and economically sound alternatives. We have also studied historic hydrology on the Cache River in southern Illinois, and we produced educational videos on fluid mechanics and geomorphology.



Urban Stream Management Project in Maryland Heights, Missouri

Award-winning consulting project in Maryland Heights, St. Louis County, Missouri


Steve was co-awarded the Outstanding Civil Engineering Design Award for 2000 by the St. Louis Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for a project in Maryland Heights, St. Louis County, Missouri. He was a co-recipient of ASCE’s Engineering Achievement Award for work on the Mississippi River near St. Louis in 2003.