Our models are powerful tools for river and hydroscience research and education.

Emflume1 in use Emflume1

  • World’s first turnkey desktop flume system
  • For teaching and research in fluid mechanics, engineering, fisheries and geology
Emriver Em2 with crossbeam level rod stream survey demonstration Emriver Em2 geomodel

  • 1.9m by 0.8m working area
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Unique modeling media
  • Recirculating water system
  • Electronic flow controller
Emriver Em3 demonstration at GSA Emriver Em3 geomodel

  • 3m by 1m working area
  • Research ready
  • Portable
  • Upgrade options for research
  • Museum adaptable
Emriver Em4 measure channel Emriver Em4 geomodel

  • 3.7m by 1.2m working area
  • Custom-built
  • Unique coded-by-size plastic modeling media


Relative sizes of the Emriver models.