Emriver and Emflume River Process Simulators

Powerful, Hands-on Models for Education and Research

Emriver stream tables and flumes are highly effective interactive laboratories to engage students and facilitate research in river science, engineering, and the geosciences.

Our Models

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Emflume1 in use



World’s first turnkey desktop flume system  for teaching
and research in fluid mechanics, engineering, fisheries, and geology.






Emriver Em4 measure channel
Emriver Em4 geomodel

At 3.7m by 1.2m, the Em4 is a robust, modular research system capable
of  a wide array of simulations and can feature a dual-axis tilt base,
precise flow metering, sediment feeding, dye injection, and groundwater




Emriver Em3



Emriver Em3 geomodel

At 3 meters in length, the Em3 is the perfect tool for both research and
teaching. Portable and modular, the Em3 comes as a static base model,
or can be upgraded to a dual-axis tilt base. Research features can easily
be added.




Emriver Em2 with crossbeam level rod stream survey demonstration


Emriver Em2 geomodel

Built for maximum portability, the 2 meter long Em2 is ideal for teaching
and outreach, but is also sophisticated enough for research.






Relative sizes of the Emriver models.